Varga Chakra [Back In Print] by Sanjay Rath sagar publications astrology books



The Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) was established in 1998 in India with the objective of teaching Vedic Astrology in the tradition of Maharishi Parasara, Jaimini and other sages of yore. Vedic Astrology will be taught by a panel of jyotish Guru?s in the traditional Jyotish parampara of Sri Ahyuta Dasa of Jagannath, Puri. The highest standards of integrity would be infused through the strict discipline of yogic Practices in the Vedic religion including training in Vedic remedial measures. Meditation including dhyana (meditation techniques to cleanse the mind), dharana (concentration techniques to increase intelligence and use of intuition), pranayama (yogic breathing methods to increase life force) etc. are taught to ensure spiritual discipline while the classes on the Srimad Bhagavat Gita and Sanskrit ensures a balanced spiritual growth with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology. SJC continues in the ancient, time-honored ?Guru-Sisya? tradition and is dedicated to the propagation of Vedic Learning including Astrology, Spirituality, Vedic Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, and Hinduism etc. SJC has been established in various parts of the world and has many study circles. A list of the Centers and Study Circles as well as web and e-list addresses is at appendix-01.


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