Ascendant Cancer – A Comprehensive Introduction [DP]



‘Lagna’ or? ‘Ascendant is the most important element of Astronomy and Astrology . Ascendant is the fundamental factor or seed of Astrology . this is the base on which the entire mansion or the vast banyan tree of Astrology stands . The Calculative portion of Astrology can be solved by computer to a great extent . but the prediction by computer is out of question . Astrology without prediction resembles a flower without fragrance . often learned astrologer and professional fortune tellers are hesitant in giving correct predictions. We present ascendant wise information in separate books so that a new path in predictive astrology may be opened for those eager to know what was in store for life are published.?
First of all , we on ‘Kark? Lagna’ or ‘Ascendant -Cancer’ This is the lagna of lord Rama and many great men.?
with the help of book . common people know their future and could foretell the future of near and near dear ones. It is our endeavour to enlighten the people with knowledge of Astrological prediction . Twelve Lagna or Ascendants rise in the sky during the period of a day and night . an ascendant exists for roughly two hours .It is the first step towards giving the? prediction on the basis of ascendant itself. It is hoped that this book on Kark Lagna (Ascendant cancer) will be highly welcomed in the world of astrology .


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